For ever, we have offered a fair and transparent pricing structure for the work and services that we offer. we visit you, inspect and quote BUT we’ve never put this on our website, until now that is.

One of the first questions our potential new clients ask is how much do you charge? and this is important isn’t it. 

Why haven’t we done this before

We think we’ve just been shy in the big old internet world,  after all what would other business’s think, will they undercut us, will they copy us,. Who really knows what we were thinking. But right now we don’t intend to be worrying about all of that. 

Because we want you to feel  that you can trust us, that you will know what you’ll be getting from us and pretty much how much it’s going to cost you.

Are we cheap? NO! are we expensive? No! Do you want to pay our prices or are you looking for the cheapest, maybe price isn’t your first priority, who knows, everyone has different priorities when they buy something and that includes cleaning services.

So, what have we done about this.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            We have been and are continuing to add prices and guides of cost for all of the services that we offer. Is this a quote and guaranteed cost, no not really.  This is to help our new and existing clients see what they can reasonably expect to pay for a service we provide. You will always have a clearly written quote provided by us before any job.

Hopefully we are in a price range that works within our visitors budget. But we know this won’t always be the case and we may not be the best choice at this time for that person or maybe you. 

Reading through parts of our site that are helpful to you will enable you to be better informed about what you need and who can do it for you, and because price matters hopefully we’ve helped you on that too, now.