Much of our window cleaning work is carried out using very lightweight extendible poles with a very soft cleaning brush on the end that has pure water fed to it for cleaning your windows, frames and sills.

This system has many advantages.

  • We can safely reach most windows from ground level, which reduces the amount of times we ever have to use a ladder. This is much safer.
  • Often we can reach over conservatory and other obstacles to reach those out of the way windows that are often neglected.
  • Using only pure water means that your windows will not be left smeary because there are no cleaning products added that can leave a thin film of residue ( a smear )
  • All of the glass, frame and sill is cleaned on every visit. This isn’t alway the case with some cleaners.

After cleaning, your windows will be left wet, but because there are no particle in the purified water there is nothing left on the glass as the droplets evaporate.