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Problem 1: Moss On Roofs

Many houses in the UK have moss on their roofs. Moss damages roofs. But how to get it removed without causing damage to the roof? The bad old solution is to get the roof pressure washed or treated with harsh bleaching type chemicals which damage both plant life and pond life.

Homeowners fear pressure washing for 4 main reasons:

  1. Pressure washing damages the tiles, taking the protective surface off it.
  2. Pressure washing often causes water damage inside the house – and can be very costly to the homeowner.
  3. Pressure washing causes a lot of muddy mess.
  4. People on the roof break tiles, often not informing the customer which leads to costly problems some months later.

Our Solution

A new approach is needed and it’s this– Our safe and effective ‘Reach and Clear’ System.

The System uses compressed air from a mobile industrial air compressor in a van. The air hose is on a portable reel so you pull it out to where you are working on the property.

  1. This system leaves the top protective surface of the tile intact.
  2. Using this method causes no damage to roof tiles or very delicate surfaces because it uses compressed air combined with lightweight attachments.
  3. Because the ‘Reach and Clear’ System is a dry method there is no wet mess.
  4. Accessing the roof from the gutter level means that no one goes on the roof – this is what sells the roof clean service to many of our clients.

How It Works

The method of working is mostly off a safe portable scaffold which gives a stable platform to access the roof tiles from gutter height with the ‘Reach and Clear’ System. The scaffold is gradually moved around the house as we clean the roof.

We place large plastic tarpaulins around the area of work, this is so that the moss that is removed is easily gathered up. Now we get to work, loosening the moss and blowing out the dirt lying in the tile joints. The compressed air is powerful enough to blow the dirt and moss out of the tile gaps but does not damage the tiles. Once loose the moss and dirt are then blown down the roof. A tarpaulin is placed underneath the scaffold and the dry mess is simply wrapped up in the tarpaulin and disposed of.

In this way we can safely clean your roof with superb results without going on the roof and also causing stress or concerns to the homeowner.

Having cleaned the roof  we can then apply biocide to the tiles to leave the whole surface incredibly clean and any moss roots eradicated. We offer a two year Guarantee on the post clean Bio treatment.


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