When we offer our clients a quote for our carpet cleaning services we don’t simply give a set price for a type of room or rooms. We always prefer to arrange a visit to your home or business premises. There are several reasons for this, we are able to inspect and identify the type of carpets that you have and the fibres that they are made from, this will help us to decide on the best cleaning method. We also want to assess the level of soiling in the carpet, identify high wear areas, stains and manage expectations of what can be achieved from cleaning. We need to know how much of the carpet can be cleaned so we’ll measure up using an accurate laser measure. we don’t want to charge you for carpet that can’t be cleaned because there is furniture on top that can’t be moved. You’ll be able to ask questions and point out any areas that you’re concerned about. Our process will also include advising you on any stain protectors or other treatments that may be of added benefit for you. When we have all of this information we’ll then calculate the cost of cleaning for you which has taken everything into consideration. This means that when we work for you, you will know exactly what the price is and we will know exactly what our job involves. there are no nasty surprises for for either us when we price like this.  Costs can range from as little as £4.99 per square metre to £9.99 and depends on the level of service our clients require. Our quote have no obligation for you to use us and there are NEVER any hidden extras.

A transparent way to quote for your carpet cleaning.

Here’s something we know and that is cheap doesn’t very often mean cheerful.