Have you been wondering what the black lines or marks are around the edge of your Carpet?

They’re either along the edge or under the doorways and annoyingly you can’t simply remove them with your regular vacuuming.

What causes this is something called Filtration soiling or Draught marks, its where air moves through cavities skirting boards or floorboards. 

As air passes through and your carpet acts as a filter trapping tiny airborne particles that are often a combination of greasy oils, smoke, fireplace fires, traffic fumes and many other pollutants that surround us every day and they’re very difficult to remove.

What can I do about this I hear you ask?  A good professional carpet cleaning company like All Seasons Cleaning can often reduce the appearance of this unsightly staining. 

Since every carpet and its environment differs, 100% removal success is not always achievable on filtration soiling and you’ll be advised of this during your pre-inspection quote process. 

It is also important to remember that no matter how well the technician can remove these marks they are more than likely to return over time.

Try preventing the movement of air around your home, this is the best way to prevent these marks coming back sooner.

What can you do yourself? Try and clean it? Take care as you will unlikely have the equipment to thoroughly rinse the cleaning product and soiling out and you can easily make it much worse. 

It is like washing your hair and not rinsing the soap out. The soapy residue will just attract the dirt, pollution in the air much faster and before you know it your hair is dirty and much worse.

We always recommend that you get professional advice from one of our technicians before attempting to clean this yourself. We can come out to your home look at the problem area and offer a free quotation for a carpet clean using the correct equipment to get a better result.