Carpet moths, are most likely,  Casement moth or Tinea pellionella. to give it its Latin name

Look for these clues to deduce if moths are invading your home!

Instead of looking for moths flying about your home, look for their cases made up from your carpet fibres!

Typically found in places that are dark and undisturbed. The carpet keeps the Moth pupae safe Moth and will protect them from UV light. It also supplies them with food right after they hatch. Moth pupae feed on the proteins in natural fibres like wool and silk.

These casement moth pupae are easy to find, they look like small grains of rice, and if you you take a look at one through a small cheap magnifying pocket microscope you will see them moving around in their carefully spun sleeping bags. 

Look around and under furniture that is rarely moved or infrequently used. Check in dark cupboards and the back of cupboards and furniture units and bookcases.